• Group certificates from your Employer/s
  • Group certificates from Centrelink (if applicable)
  • Group certificates from Pension / Superannuation (if applicable)
  • Details of any ETP payouts from your Superannuation Fund or Employer
  • Details of all interest earned on your bank accounts
  • Details of all dividends received from your shares (even if you reinvest the dividends in buying further shares)
  • Details of all income from other investments – the annual tax statement is the best form to bring in to your accountant
  • Details of any rental properties (see Rental Properties List)
  • Details of any business income & expenses (see Business List)
  • Details of any income received from overseas – including pensions or wages you may have received while working overseas
  • Details of any assets disposed of during the year (see Asset Disposal List)
  • Details of all allowable deductions against your employment income – if you think you may be able to claim it, bring it in for us to check.
  • Details of any donations made that you kept receipts for
  • Details of any study that you did that relates to your current employment
  • Details of how much you paid in Income Protection Insurance or Sickness & Accident Insurance
  • Names and dates of birth of any dependant children
  • Copy of your annual statement from your Private Health Fund (if applicable)
  • Details of superannuation contributions made if you are substantially self-employed or you contributed for your spouse.
  • Details of your spouse’s taxable income if we do not do their returns.


  • Details of all rent received during the year
  • Details of all expenses paid during the year – eg rates, repairs, insurance, interest on loans, property management fees, body corporate fees, etc.
  • Copy of your Building Depreciation Schedule (if applicable – first year only)


  • Details of cost of your asset when you purchased it
  • Details of any other costs involved in that purchase – eg stamp duty, legals
  • Details of sale of your asset
  • Details of any other costs involved in selling – eg broker fees, commission
  • Details of any additional costs you may think relevant



  • Bank statements for the year
  • Copy of Stocktake of materials on hand as at the end of the year (if applicable)
  • Details of any major purchases of equipment/tools/vehicles made during the year – including finance documents if applicable
  • Details of any assets sold during the year – including vehicles traded in
  • List of money owed to your business as at the end of the year
  • List of money your business owes to others at the end of the year
  • Details of any loans your business took out during the year – including bank statements if applicable
  • Copies of the BAS forms you have lodged during the year
  • Copies of all Group Certificates issued to your employees for the year & the Payment Summary form as sent to the ATO, as well as your wages book (if applicable)
  • Logbook for your vehicle if applicable
  • Details of any superannuation you contributed for yourself – a copy of the confirmation from your super fund of how much you will be claiming is best
  • Copy of your workcover documents
  • Copy of all business insurance documents


  • Back up of your data file (you can bring this in on disk, CD, DVD, USB drive or email the file to info@ferrariwarner.com.au )
  • Password for your data file if applicable
  • Details of which software package and version you are using


  • Cashbook detailing all the business income received during the year
  • Cashbook detailing all the business expenses paid during the year

Don’t forget that you may also have to include many of the items listed for Individuals as well.  Individual tax returns are usually done at the same time as your business accounts.

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